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BahaaPhoto Friends In Photokin 2016

The proverb goes (usually) as “Killing two birds with one stone.” However, it seems that this proverb is outdated when it comes to the achievements of Bahaa Photo Friends (BPF); not in the whole year of 2016, but let’s take it from the last month of September, 2016, only.

With BPF Group, the proverb had been changed to “Killing three birds with one stone” apparently, as the group participated in the renowned international photography show of Photokina in Köln, Germany for the year 2016. This accomplishment comes with three significant additions to the history of BPF Group:

  • BPF Group is the first Arab participant in the history of Photokina.
  • BPF Group is the first Kuwaiti participant in the history of Photokina.
  • BPF Group is the first participant from GCC region in the history of Photokina.


Nevertheless, a great event such as Photokina is not only a pride to participate on, but it is also a big chance to encounter various poles in the world of photography from all around the world and to gain experiences in the different fields of photography; artistic and technical. 

BPF Group had prepared for this event for about a year before its time with a number of winning photos on international levels, as well as preparing and planning for future workshops abroad with international participants. The group made a display for these photos mentioning their locations, as well as offering photography trips to these locations (e.g. South Africa, India, and Scotland).

Despite the setbacks and the unpleasant surprises, the group with its unique teamwork altogether evaded and overcame these obstacles with ease. We are truly thankful for all the participants who shared our joy mutually, and very grateful to those who supported the group with words and actions and even took pride in what we do. Your flattering words and your participation in this event are the pride that we take as a pedestal to stand upon and shine high, in the face of those who are doubtful about our talents and our sense of art.


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