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BPF Photography Workshop In Indai 2016

In its continuous effort to be a major contributor to the world of arts, specially in the Gulf region, BPF group stepped up the rhythm of its activities out of the usual circle and gone deeper to discover undiscovered identities. After successful workshops around the globe, from Scotland, South Africa and down to neighboring Oman, passing through Bahrain, Qatar and UAE, with special and very specified activities and workshops in each location, here is the group now gaining one more success far away from its usual footsteps, deep into the Indian subcontinent.
With every destination comes a special criteria upon which the group tries to plan its activities carefully: Landscape in Scotland, MotoGP and Formula in Qatar and Bahrain, Architecture and Heritage in UAE and Oman; and here comes a new field of workshops by the group, the Street Life workshop. And what place could be better for such field in photography other than India itself, with a renowned photographer with more than 20 years of experience in major fields of photography?
Before heading to India, many preparations and precautions were taken into account, and two major seminars were held to enlighten the participants from the group about the goals and what to expect and what is needed there, as well as giving some psychological preparations for them. Aiming at street life and the spring feast (Holi festival), the group kept on moving in between various parts of India from East and West, starting with covering the street daily life around and about 5 train stations in Mumbai alone, going through Udaipur and witnessing history at first hand through the ancient temples and ruins, as well as the landscapes around it. But the major event was yet to come later in this ancient spot of the world, with the festival of Holi; the festival of colors. Along the way, the group paid a visit to the holy city of Pushkar; one of the five dhams (pilgrimage sites) of India.
The workshop and its aim were brought into uniqueness simply by being held in India, for its rich culture of religious harmony among its populace, bringing about a unique view and a unique life style among the various sects of this nation right before the eyes of the outsiders. All these feelings, colors, history, and life style – all were put under the tight grip of BPF group lenses, after a tiring and a fun 10-day trip. Watch out and be tuned for more to come from BPF group…


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