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BahaaPhoto Friends In 2015

A new year is about to end and Bahaa Photo Friends (BPF) group is getting ready to receive a new year filled with optimism, enthusiasm and looking forward for more achievements which the current year was barely enough to contain. As it is usually done, the group recalls the memories from this year and the years before. This recall, for the memories and the activities done, is not in vain, but because as much as the group cares for what has been achieved, it also cares for the progress of its members, specially new members, and studying how much development and artistic talents have they gained as well as finding out mishaps and mistakes with having care not to repeat them.
The group is honored to have its display of achievements, during the year 2015, viewed by the public (photographers and others), and the group hopes that such display would spark enthusiasm in between photographers, specially new-comers.

As usual since its establishment, the group provided many training courses and workshops which target the development of the level of the art of photography for its members as well as for the the public. These training course and workshops, both free and paid, dealt with various fields in the world of photography, either technically or artistically, and the following is just examples:
1. Principles of Photography: They were a series of training courses prepared into levels depending on the skills of the participants accordingly, and it is aimed for the beginners as well as the members.
2. Photojournalism: These were workshops which targeted those who are interested in documenting the events, whether they are members in the group or not.
3. Black and White Photography: It was a training and workshop which aimed to raise the level of sensual imagination for the photographer to form a black and white image before shooting.
4. Evaluation Course: It was a training course to help photographers judge their photos better and evaluating them in an academic manner.
5. Breaking The Rules: It was a workshop to develop the artistic sense for the photographer away from the conventional photographic laws, aiming at breaking these laws in a creative way and for a specific purpose.
6. Photographic Programming: It was a free training course specific to the members of the group and was conducted by Ms. Muna Shukr-Allah, from the kingdom of Bahrain, and it aimed at encouraging the members to show more control over their thoughts during photo shooting.
7. Visual Feed: It was an open course for the public and was conducted by the special member of the group Eng. Ali Al-Qazwini, and its aim was to identify common mistakes and pitfalls when editing photos and also shed some light on some techniques for editing photos.
The list would go long with the number of achievements which the group persevered to accomplish, and with the number of achievements done in cooperation with other establishments (like the National Council for Culture, Art, and Literature, as well as Sadeem Factories); All that to help the members in developing their artistic inner-self. Probably one of the most remarkable activities is the coverage for Kuwait's 2nd Monodrama Festival.

Regionally and Globally
One of the announced goals for the group is to expand its relations internationally, starting from the Gulf. This expansion includes the acquirement of knowledge and forming bonds in relation to the art of photography. Beside that, the group works, through such bonds and activities, on delivering the culture of photography in Kuwait to the outside world and identify it, as well as raising the name of the state of Kuwait internationally. Most remarkable international stops were as follows:
1. Liwa Workshop: It was a workshop conducted in UAE and aimed at recording the desert environment under various fields of photography (portraits, landscape, abstract...etc).
2. Oman Workshop: They were two workshops conducted in the Sultanate of Oman and included many aspects of photography, like architecture, portraits and street photography.
3. Scotland Workshop: In this workshop the group traveled all the way to the northern parts of Europe (and it is one of the workshops which the group conducts often) and it was aimed to discover the beauty of the countryside beside the historical sites in that spot of the world.
4. The coverage of “Mercedes Fashion Show,” which was sponsored by the well-known automobile company in Doha, Qatar.
Bahaa Photo Friends group had its great share of exhibitions, locally as well as internationally. Beside this fact, the group is always trying to represent the unique and the new in the art of photography. Some of the most remarkable exhibitions were:
1. Mawahb Annual Expo: The group insisted on joining this expo every year, and was careful to display new art, specially recognized photos in international contests (like Trierenberg's Circuit, Austria). Beside that, the group built a small studio booth in the exhibition. The group's booth was the target of many special visits by celebrities, starting with his highness Sheikh Mohammed Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah, the minister of the state for the affairs of ministers council, who inaugurated the group's booth in the opening ceremony.
2. Monodrama Expo: It was an exhibition which followed Kuwait's 2nd Monodrama Festival, and included distributing the awards for the winners in the best photo contest, and the awards were all within the circle of the group's members.
3. “Cultural Summer” Expo: It is one of the exhibitions sponsored by the National Council of Culture, Art, and Literature, and it included a photography exhibition in which the group's members dominated with the number of their works of art.
4. National Library Expo: It is one of the summer exhibitions and was inaugurated by the vice general secretary of the National Council of Culture, Art, and Literature, Sheikhah Rasha Nayef Al-Sabah. Many photographers participated in this exhibition and the group had a great share of display in it.
5. Kuwait's 40th Arabic Book Fair: This annual fair is accompanied with a photography exhibition which is the target for many participants. The exhibition was inaugurated by his highness Sheikh Salman Al-Homoud Al-Sabah, minister of information and minister of the state for youth affairs. His highness visited the participants and stopped by BPF group's booth which was unique in its display, specially the 3D images, which were displayed for the first time on a local level for exhibitions in Kuwait.
Beside all of these activities, adding to the list some international exhibitions, such as “Dubai PhotoWorld Expo,” which opened new horizons for the group as well as recognizing the group internationally. After all, the work is still ongoing to expand the activities further into the international realm.

It is not an exaggeration to say that 2015 was a year of achievements for the group on various levels; from courses and workshops to exhibitions, and ending with the harvest of many recognitions and awards for the group, or its members. All that is attributed to the hard work exerted on raising the artistic talents for the group members.
1. Gold medal in Trierenberg's Circuit (Austria) international contest in Digital Files category (for the 2nd year successively).
2. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals beside honorary mention in Salon of Bosnia and Montenegro.
3. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals with honorary mention in Greece and UAE's New Photographic Circuit (and that is the group's first time participation).
4. Ranked 43rd in FIAP among 197 participating international clubs (and it is the group's first time participation).
In addition, many images for the group's members had been printed in luxurious booklets and the catalogs of the contests, such as “Trierenberg's Luxurious Coffee Table Book,” beside using some images for the group's members in the official website of Trierenberg's Circuit. Also, some members' photos were printed in the catalogs of HIPA contest.
With this quick overview for all the achievements done by the group during the course of this year, 2015, the group dedicates its sincerest gratitude to everyone involved in helping and supporting the photographic missions to become a success. The group also dedicates its utmost gratitude to its members who created the recognition for the group's name and by their hands the name of Kuwait is raised up high in the international realm. Thus, the group is verily looking forward to the new year, filled with enthusiasm and optimism as well as with hope to achieve even more in the field of the art of photography.


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