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bahaaphoto freinds photography trip to Oman

Starting from September 9th 2015, BPF group in association with Al-Khadra Tourism accomplished a unique photographic mission on the lands of the Sultanate of Oman. In hope that such photographic journey will not be the last in this field, knowing that the Sultanate of Oman is highly varied in terms of climate and terrain.

Landing in Muscat on the night of September 9th, the group started “eye greasing” immediately by having a glimpse over the architectural art in Oman by visiting Mohammed Al-Ameen mosque. This step was essential to waken up the dormant creative vision for the group members. The following three days witnessed an ongoing and unstopping hard work and discoveries for various locations in Oman, including Muscat, Al-Hamra, Nizwa and the special thematic museum of Bayt Al-Safah, which dates approximately at 400 years.

The activities started in the early mornings, around 8 A.M. up until around 8 P.M. and sometimes extending to midnight, and moving from one location to another. The type of activities varied among the group members: landscape photography, architectural photography, portraiture photography, and even night photography. Oman is such a rich place for opportunities that a single trip will not be quite enough to gain the experience in photography endorsed within its soil.

BPF group would like to thank Al-Khadra Tourism for giving this beautiful opportunity, which will not, definitely, be the last.


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