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Austria's International Photography Contest.

In the world of photography, as it is the case with other fields of art, there are plenty of opportunities to display the amounts of creativity stored within those people who do their best in their own worlds, which they shape according to what their minds recite to them. Probably, one of the most important and one of the most renowned opportunities in the field of photography is resembled in one contest; a contest which grabs the minds of thousands of creative photographers every year in a manner deemed to be an artistic pilgrimage, and I mean Austria's International Photography contest. It is a contest under the patronage of Trierenberg Circuit, which carries the burden of classifying and rating the artistic works for the photographers, and even the photographers themselves. For serious and professional photographers, Austria's International contest is considered their own pilgrimage for which they might work all year round just to represent some art that is worthy for such major event. Therefore, it is not surprising that such event is of a prime interest among all the activities which BPF group is concerned with, since its establishment in 2012.


BPF group carefully planned to gain a foot on the international ground since its establishment despite the humble start with few members, and few artistic works, and that yielded quite a pleasant praise from the organizers who were astonished by the level of such work. Even though such photos did not win in advanced places in this contest, but international judges clearly expressed their admiration. However, the group continued the run on the path of achievements, and by time, the group had become an example in creativity in the Gulf region and a point at which many creative photographers in Kuwait would meet, who would excel in the various fields of photography; like portraiture, and wild life, and including architectural photography with panoramic photography - by uncommon styles. Personal efforts for the members yielded into many contributions to local (and international) exhibitions. The group had another appointment with Austria's International Photography contest.


The group was able, with insisting on "creative" work, to gain two gold medals, for two years successively (2014, 2015). They are the result of continuous efforts by the group members, and working as one team. It is an effort not only for the benefit of the group, but it is mainly to raise the name of the state of Kuwait on the international ground. It is an honorable goal which is one of the basics of the group and one of its main conditions for joining it. The group is from Kuwait, and to Kuwait it belongs. This said, the effort is still on going until we see this country as a landmark in arts and a refuge for those who yearn for such art…


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