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BahaaPhotoFriends Group

is a group set up by friends professional trainer Bahaaddeen Alqazwini as an emblem bearing his name as gratitude  photography for more than 20years.

this group startes in 2012 ..

Currently, the group consists of more than 30  from Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and from different age groups.

This group has several activities and events

1. photography galleries

2. workshops and courses in Kuwait basic and advance. 

3. workshops outside Kuwait:

- Workshop landscaping  in Scotland

-  wildlife photography  workshops in South Africa.

- city escape photography workshops
in United Arab Emirates

- Landescape in liwa UAE.

 - Sport workshops MotoGp in qatar.

- street work in OMan

- Street WorkSHop in India 


Latest News

BahaaPhoto Friends In Photokin 2016

BPF Group is the first Arab participant in the history of Photokina. BPF Group is the first Kuwaiti participant in the history of Photokina. BPF Group is the first participant from GCC region in the history of Photokina.    » more

BPF In Dubai Photograpy Live 2016

Another journey and another experience, and yet another achievement by Bahaa Photo Friends Group in the arenas of local and international photography communities: Photography Live Dubai 2016.   » more

BPF Photography Workshop In Indai 2016

bahaaphoto friends first photography workshop in India in 2016 where the people and culture all in there   » more

BahaaPhoto Friends In 2015

breif about BahaaPhoto Friends Group in 2015   » more

New Group Membership

ince its creation in 2012, Bahaa Photo Friends group (and club) worked hard on various levels and fields to accomplish its goals, specially in regard to spreading awareness about the art of photography. Now, and in just 3 years of time since its establishment, the group started to the see the fruition of its efforts; not on a local level only, but also in a worldwide fashion.   » more

Annual Arabic Book Fair in Kuwait

By the grace of God, Bahaa Photo Friends (BPF) group finished and accomplished another achievement in the list of its brilliant successes by the end of a 10-day exhibition. The exhibition, which accompanies the annual Arabic Book Fair in Kuwait, included many other groups and photographers as well as a gallery for visual arts.   » more

bahaaphoto freinds photography trip to Oman

The group made a photography trip to Oman for 4-day trip during which he visited the places of traditional and popular in the surrounding Muscat   » more

Austria's International Photography Contest.

Summary about BPF achievements in Austria's International Photography contest.   » more

Hamdan International Photography Award -HAPPINESS 2015-2016

06-06-2015   » more

Spaces of Light Photography Award on 9th jun2015

on the 9th if jun 2015   » more


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